Weddings with Captured Moments

No matter what the occasion may be, Captured Moments provides limitless ways to please you. Our diversified services cater to all your needs while building lasting impressions.


An exchange of Vows...A kiss on the brides lips...A father and bride's dance all captured at that special moment. Wedding are one of the most pivotal occasions in time. What better way to keep each timeless wedding memory on a photographic canvass of love.

Sporting Events

Images of the feats that you and your teams have conquered from the first time you stepped on the field are forever branded on your mind. Every time you walk past a picture of your first won championship, you're reminded of where you've come from and where you're going. And that's why Captured Moments wants to go there with you.

Senior Portraits

Walking across the stage to receive honors for one of life's greatest achievements will set the tone for future success. Captured Moments is dedicated to creating visual trophies that will help graduates make the proper transition from one phase of life to the next.

Family Portraits

Creating family memories has been an activity of a lifetime. We all have portraits of those who have supported and held us together for many years. Adding Captured Moments to your family's portrait portfolio will have you reminiscing about good times all over again.


Ground breaking ceremonies celebrate the brink of a company's existence or achievements. Placing the right photographer at this part of your success is just as important as gaining profits. You can now visualize ever-increasing growth right before your eyes with Captured Moments.